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Integrated safety and management for your trees

The iSiMAN product range has a matching software solution for all of your tree safety and management requirements.

In recent years, many municipalities have been introducing tree inventories. This usually involves recording tree data, assessing the trees' safety status, and entering any necessary treework into a data management system. A professional tree management system enables not only this, but also the efficient organization and regular documentation of work sequences.

All of our products — the mobile option iSiMOBILE in combination with our mini-manager iSiLITE, and the advanced tree register system iSiPRO with GIS — guarantee you the benefits of task-based solutions and the effective and ergonomic organization of your work. iSiMAN software is therefore suited just as well to projects with fewer than 100 trees as to towns or cities with large tree populations. The software has also been proven through many years of use in the field.

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